10 Interesting Facts about Diabetes You Might Have Not Known

Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases that adults face these days in the world. Recently in 2014, as per the statistics, the total number of people suffering from Diabetes has reached up to 422 million. This is an alarming number and we all must take adequate measures to avoid or prevent the disease. It has also started occurring in kids, teenagers as well as adults which is another surprising thing. The growing rate of awareness as well as advanced medication has stalled the growth rate of the disease but it is still quite high.

Facts about Diabetes mellitus

Interesting Facts about Diabetes

There are various types of Diabetes but the root cause of this sugar disease is that the insulin production in our body becomes extremely less. It can also occur if our body becomes resistant to insulin and doesn’t act, no matter how high the insulin production is. You might be curious about knowing various interesting facts about Diabetes. After a deep research and analysis we bring forward to you the most surprising facts about the disease.

Interesting Facts about Diabetes mellitus

Population Suffering from Diabetes

You will be astonished to know that around 8.5% of the adults in the world suffer from it. This number is staggering when we compare it to 1980, when the number was mere 4.7%. It is high time that we started looking after our health to prevent Diabetes.

Death by Diabetes

As per the facts and figures, a lot of people die due to Diabetes or high blood glucose levels. World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report in 2012 which said that around 1.5 million deaths occurred directly through Diabetes which is quite alarming. Moreover, around 2.2 million people died due to high blood glucose.

Prevention of Diabetes

Many people think that there is hardly any way to avoid Diabetes or prevent it but it is actually quite natural and simple. You just need to lead a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and activity level. If you maintain a normal body weight, you will definitely prevent Diabetes mellitus in the long run.

Old Methods of Diagnosis

The name Diabetes mellitus means sweet urine in Latin. Previously, when there were no modern equipments and techniques, doctors usually had to taste a patient’s urine to diagnose the disease. Fortunately, this didn’t go on for too long and new ways of diagnosis were invented.

Even Dogs Suffer from Diabetes

For those who think that humans are only the ones who get Diabetes, you are wrong. Even dogs can develop this disease with the same symptoms and causes as humans. Thus, if you have a pet, ensure that they eat well and make them more active.

It can Cause Blindness

Quick facts aside, Diabetes even has the capability to cause blindness in some cases. Anyone who suffers from it has a huge chance of having eye related problems. The disease can cause damage to the capillaries and blood vessel of the eyes. Having a blurry vision is one of the major symptoms of Diabetes.

Usage of Insulin

In the current times, insulin is easily available for those who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes but prior to 1921, anyone who suffered from it had to eventually die. Isolating insulin termed as a remarkable achievement by scientists around the world.

Cure of Gestational Diabetes

Unlike all the other types, Gestational Diabetes usually gets cured after the birth of a child. However, it is equally damaging and can also have adverse effects on the health of your child. Thus, you cannot ignore the disease.

Sugar Consumption

Consumption of high amounts of sugar is directly linked with getting Diabetes. People usually ignore the ill effects of sugar but it is one of the biggest causes of Type 2 Diabetes. Excess consumption of sugar can make our body resistant to insulin.

Falling into Coma

Many people are not aware about it but if your blood sugar levels reach too high or too low, you can fall into something which is called as Diabetic Coma. It is important to keep your blood sugar levels in check, especially if you live alone where going into a coma can even lead to death as there would be no one to help.

Final Say

These are some of the most interesting facts about Diabetes, a disease which has become so prevalent that we must take measures to counter it. These facts are not only to satisfy your curiosity but to make you aware about the different dimensions of the disease.

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