What Food causes Diabetes – Top 5 Food Items that Cause Diabetes

Diabetes is a sugar disease that needs you to take a lot of precautions if you are diagnosed with it. But even to avoid it, you need to make sure that few kinds of food are not a part of your diet. There are certain types of food that cause diabetes but they are a part of a diet of most people. Many of you might be wondering what food causes diabetes. So, we have compiled this post to inform you about the most common foods that cause diabetes.

5 Foods That Cause Diabetes – Worst Food for Diabetic Patient

Here is a list of food items that are known to be among the worst foods for diabetics and rank high on the diabetic food list that causes the disease. Make sure that you stay away from these food items if you want to avoid diabetes or even if you are already diagnosed with it.Worst Foods for Diabetic Patients - What Food Causes Diabetes

Sugar Candies

Sugar is highly dangerous for people suffering from diabetes. Even for healthy and fit people, it is advised to avoid too much of sugar. There is nothing good that sugar does. You must try and find substitutes that can play its part in your diet such as honey. In all kinds of diabetic food, sugar-free tablets are used to sweeten the food item. Diabetics or even non-diabetic people must not consume sugar candies too often for maintaining a good health.

White Bread

White bread must be avoided at all costs in your daily diet in case you consume it for your breakfast. It is not directly linked to diabetes but it leads to some factors which in the long term can become the cause diabetes or aggravate it. It has some direct impacts on obesity which is one of the causes of diabetes. Although this food item is often skipped when talked about what food causes diabetes but food authorities have advised using alternatives like brown bread or whole grain bread which are healthier than white bread.

White Rice

White rice is a highly processed grain and thus must be taken with precaution if you are a diabetic. The best advice would be to avoid it altogether but if you are habituated to it, you can moderate the amount of white rice you are consuming. You will find it in every diabetic food list among the worst food items for the diabetics.


Although pickles do not cause much harm in provocating diabetes but if you want to keep your sodium levels in check, it is advisable that pickles must be avoided. If you include a small amount in your diet occasionally, it is fine as well but if you overdo it, your sodium levels can rise and thus the chances of getting diabetes increase.

Fruit Juices

There is a huge doubt over whether a diabetic must even consume fruits or not. But fresh fruits do no harm to regular people as well as the diabetics. But when you think upon what food causes diabetes, fruits are definitely not among them. However, avoid fruit juices as they contain high amounts of sugar for sweetening the juice which is harmful. Some people might also give you a list of diabetes fruits to avoid but it is a myth that eating fruits cause diabetes.

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