Common Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Men, Women, & Children

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the recent times and most of the working-age people suffer from it. There is a lot of awareness about this sugar disease but it is still growing rapidly throughout the world. Along with mid aged people, even children have started showing early signs of diabetes. It is quite risky and if gets out of control, it can also lead to fatal consequences. Thus, it is very important to know the diabetes early symptoms so that you can take actions to prevent and treat it effectively.Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes mellitus

Unlike many other diseases, detecting the early symptoms of diabetes can be really difficult. They can be so silent and hideous that you might not recognize them at all. However, if you pay enough attention to the changes in your body and behaviour, you can identify the first signs of diabetes which will then help you in combating the disease in a better way. Below listed are some of the early signs which you can spot if you are suffering from diabetes:

  • Increased hunger, no matter how much you eat.
  • Increased thirst, which is then followed by an increase in the frequency of urination.
  • Feeling tired all the time.
  • Frequent changes in the mood and feeling grumpy.
  • Vision starts to become blurry even though you don’t have any eye disease.
  • Your wounds are taking too long to heal than the normal time required.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

From different types of diabetes, Type 2 is very common in men and it affects around 90% to 95% of the men who are suffering from the disease. However, there are some diabetes symptoms in men which if ignored can turn harmful and lead to far off consequences. If you notice the below symptoms in your body and think that it has become a pattern, waste no time in consulting your doctor:

  • An unusual increase in thirst frequently.
  • The increase in hunger even after just eating a meal.
  • Dry mouth with low saliva.
  • Feeling nauseous and occasional urge of vomiting.
  • Frequent urination, more than the normal frequency.
  • Feeling fatigue, extremely tired, lethargic and weak throughout the time without indulging in any activity.
  • Blurry vision is also one of the warning signs of diabetes.
  • Numbness in the hand or feet, sometimes a tingling feeling on both.
  • Infections of skin or urinary tract can also signify one of the diabetes mellitus symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

A lot of women are suffering from this sugar disease and many of them suffer from it during their pregnancy. Diabetes symptoms in pregnancy may not be fully visible but it usually occurs in women who are overweight before pregnancy, have a history of diabetes or have a high sugar level. Gestational diabetes symptoms occur during the time of pregnancy and proper care must be taken to avoid them. Below are the most common diabetes symptoms in women:

  • Increase in thirst and hunger.
  • Wounds of all kinds including cuts and bruises heal relatively slow.
  • Unusual weight loss in a short period of time, even when eating sufficiently.
  • Difficulty in vision which might look blurry at times.
  • Sexual problems including lack of sex drive and low vaginal lubrication.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Diabetes symptoms in children are hard to identify as they can’t articulate as nicely as adults. Thus, as a parent, it is your responsibility to look after diabetes insipidus symptoms in babies and begin with the treatment as early as possible. If you want to know whether your child is showing early signs of diabetes, you must look out for some behavior symptoms that indicate the onset of diabetes. Below are some of the first symptoms of juvenile diabetes that you must look out for in children:

  • The increase in thirst and hunger, especially after drinking and eating enough.
  • Female children or babies developing a yeast infection can be an early sign of juvenile diabetes.
  • Having an itchy skin for a prolonged period.
  • Fast heart rate and headache.
  • Feeling nauseous frequently or occurrence of vomiting.
  • Quick weight loss in a short amount of time.
  • Wetting the bed frequently or excessive urination.

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