7 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Diabetes You Should Never Believe

We all seem to know a lot about Diabetes but many pieces of that information might be false or only partly true. Unless there is a trusted source who claims it with a proof, you must not believe anything regarding a disease and know which myths to ignore. When your health is concerned, you must not risk it with false information as it can lead to dire consequences. A common disease like Diabetes has a lot of common myths and misconceptions that people easily believe in.

Common Diabetes Myths and Misconceptions

Let’s explore some of the most common Diabetes myths that are already widely spread in the world and many people actually feel them to be true. Here are some of the commonly held myths that have harmed a lot of people while getting a cure for Diabetes. As a general citizen, you must be aware of all these myths and act accordingly in case you are diagnosed with Diabetes.

Myths about Diabetes mellitus

Eating too much sugar leads to Diabetes

This is something almost everyone believes and it can easily be regarded as one of the most common myths about Diabetes. It is however untrue that consuming too much sugar can lead to Diabetes. Although it can negatively impact your body in many other ways, it doesn’t leads to Diabetes.

Insulin Injection causes Pain

People who have Type 1 Diabetes has no other way to survive than to take insulin injections. Some people think that taking insulin injections is highly painful which is totally untrue. If you habituate yourself in a good injection technique, the pain will be subsequently less.

Being active while having Diabetes is not possible

This too is one of the biggest misconceptions about Diabetes and stops many people from working out or exercising after being diagnosed. However, you need to maintain a decent level of activity but before that you must consult with your doctor for a proper program.

Insulin is necessary if you are diagnosed with Diabetes

This is highly untrue and has no basis in its facts. If you are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes, you can be treated without the help of insulin. Insulin is necessary only if you are suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.

Only depending on insulin can cure Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus, only depending on insulin will not solve the problem. You need to bring lifestyle changes to make some impact on your body sugar levels. A significant improvement in your diet plan is also necessary to combat the sugar disease.

Being overweight means getting Diabetes

There is a common myth that being overweight is synonymous to getting Diabetes however it is untrue. Although weight gain can be an indication of Diabetes but it does not necessarily means being diagnosed with this disease. However, being fit is important to stay off from many diseases.

Only old people get Diabetes

There are three types of Diabetes, and the Type 1 Diabetes known as Juvenile Diabetes which means it impacts children. Thus, Diabetes is a disease that can be diagnosed in people irrespective of their ages.

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