Top 6 Best Diabetes Exercises Every Diabetic Patient Must Do

Diabetes is a complicated disease where you need to change your lifestyle and other habits significantly to be able to keep the disease in control. There is a long-standing myth that people who suffer from Diabetes must not exercise because it can provoke the disease, even more, landing you in danger. However, this is completely untrue and exercise must be a part of your daily regimen. There are a set of Diabetes exercises which you can include in your daily schedule and do them to stay fit.

Recommended Diabetes Exercises for Diabetics

The doctors from all around the world also recommend the diabetic patients to do regular exercises to burn fat and sugar. But, most of them don’t know what exercises could be done easily. If you are a diabetic patient and looking for some recommended exercises then here is the list of the best Diabetes exercises for you.Exercises for Diabetic Patients

Brisk Walking

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercises which most of us tend to ignore. If you are looking for mild exercises for diabetic patient, brisk walking can work like wonder. Even your doctor will advise you to do the same when you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Although slow or moderate walking will not yield any significant results, brisk walking can be highly effective as a daily form of exercise. Brisk walk for half an hour daily until you feel a little breathlessness so that it improves your cardiovascular functioning.

Low Weight Training

Getting active without a little weight training seems quite frivolous. You can either join a gym with a personal trainer who can create a diabetic workout for you or else get dumbles and start a basic workout yourself at home. There are innumerous benefits of weight training not only for diabetics but for anyone who wants to stay fit. Include a mix of weight training in your weekly exercise regime and you will see the difference in your fitness as well as your blood sugar levels.


Yoga exercise for Diabetes is highly effective in keeping your blood sugar level in control. It will also help you in reducing your lower body fat and make your body combat insulin resistance to a great extent. Yoga is also believed to be a great stress buster and thus it must be included in your daily activities. When the stress levels go high, your blood sugar level shoots up too. So, try yoga daily to keep your stress levels in check and eventually lower your blood sugar levels.


Aerobic exercises work best for diabetic patients and the best exercise for Diabetes control in this regard is swimming. It is also an effective and ideal exercise for Diabetes Type 2 patients since there is no pressure on your joints when you indulge in swimming. Moreover, swimming isn’t too hard on your feet like another form of exercises such as jogging or brisk walking. If you enjoy swimming, you can do it daily or else try scheduling it for at least 2-3 times in a week.


Bicycling is another aerobic exercise which is aimed to improve your cardiovascular health and lower body mobility. If you don’t have access to proper bicycling infrastructure or a bicycle, you can simply use the stationary cycle at your gym to exercise. It is termed as the most effective exercise for Diabetes patients as it significantly improves the blood flow to your legs. Cycling is also said to be an ideal form of exercise for Diabetes Type 1 patients due to the various benefits it provides.

Tai Chi

Although very few are aware of this form of exercise, it has existed for centuries now. Tai Chi was originated in China and later spread across the world owing to its stress reduction techniques and the ability to improve overall fitness. It is also said to be a good Diabetes exercise because it reduces nerve damage and improves your balance, both of which are essential for every diabetic patient. Tai Chi involves slow body movements and you can practice it daily for half an hour to get the best results.

The Last Words

These are the various effective forms of exercises which people who suffer from Diabetes must practice. All of them are proven to either reduce your blood sugar levels or are great stress busters. Include them in your exercise schedule so that you combat Diabetes in the best possible way.

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